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Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

With today’s rapidly changing business conditions, you need a planning tool that surpasses the traditional latency of disconnected planning processes or Excel planning spreadsheets. You can leverage Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) to be more responsive. You can perform simultaneous material and capacity planning across multiple distribution and manufacturing facilities and time horizons in a single planning run, while at the same time accounting for the latest consensus forecast, sales orders, production status, purchase orders, and inventory policy recommendations. You can choose to start immediately with more advanced constrained and optimized planning, leveraging the out-of-the-box optimization, or you can decide to get to that point gradually by starting with unconstrained planning.

  • Reduce Planning Cycle Time – Holistic Supply and Distribution Planning – Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning enables you to run holistic plans that span long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules, multiple manufacturing processes (lot based, process, discrete, configure-to-order, and project based), and all organizations across a virtual supply chain. As a single solution for distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing planning, it is based on one supply chain model, one planning engine, and one setup. Its flexible configuration, however, enables you to define different models that can co-exist (hub-and-spoke planning; single plan) and evolve as your organization grows without requiring reimplementation. Extensive defaulting logic, paired with a productivity enhancing UI and strong exception management, enables planners to quickly use the tool to make their planning decisions.
  • Comprehensive Distribution Planning – Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning offers comprehensive support for companies that focus more on solving distribution and replenishment problems. Distribution planners can leverage a comprehensive Distribution Planner Workbench that presents global visibility of material positions, automates allocations and redistribution between regional and central distribution centers, with the ability to manually override, consolidates individual shipments into optimal truckloads, highlights exceptions, and releases planning recommendations for execution while taking into account kitting, end item substitution, date effective sourcing, distribution, allocation rules, global forecasting, alternates (components, suppliers, facilities, and ship methods), and supplier capacity constraints.
  • Increase planner productivity and reduce decision making latency – Planners can leverage robust exception management and root-cause analysis in combination with graphical supply chain pegging to identify and resolve problems from end demand to the lowest level component or resource requirements. Extensive use of workflow to enable process automation and automated corrective action enables you to significantly reduce the non-value added costs of manual activity. In addition, planners can leverage extensive personalization to tailor their workspace to their needs. Combined with the powerful simulation and multi-planner collaboration capabilities, it enables them to perform their planning tasks quickly and efficiently.

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