Amazon Web Services

Flexible cloud computing to meet your content management needs

Regnant has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a best-of-breed set of infrastructure and application utilities through the cloud, potentially cutting costs for your company while driving new business and conveying your corporate identity.

Implementing a content management system (CMS) that’s fast, reliable and within your cost boundaries can prove difficult, but Amazon Web Services’ scalability allows you to expand or reduce features based on your needs. The cloud-based suite of services only makes you pay for what you use—meaning your costs scale with your business.

Why Regnant partners with AWS:
  • Maximum uptime from a proven services provider
  • Elasticity to grow with a project’s needs
  • Sophisticated control panels to manage and report on environments
  • Tunable cost structure—pay only for what you use (cost effective)
  • Scalability
  • Distributed fault-tolerant architectures that minimize downtime

With more than a decade of experience working with clients from global enterprises to local start-ups, Regnant is adept at meeting clients’ digital marketing needs. By partnering with AWS, Regnant provides a robust, secure and scalable managed services platform, including WCM offerings ranging from WordPress to Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ).

Through the AWS platform, Regnant will provide clients with:
  • Continuous integration using industry-standard tools
  • Detailed reporting using both cloud-based services and statistical analysis of logging
  • End-to-end support through the entire project lifecycle
  • Real-time monitoring of service-critical metrics
  • Globally distributed workloads
  • An “all-you-can eat” service model that can scale specifically to your needs
  • Custom application AWS architecture

A recent example of how Regnant used AWS to deliver a managed solution to a customer is—a news aggregator of marketing material with 17,000 users, more than 20,000 articles, and more than 55,000 unique page impressions per month.

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