Our Approach

At Regnant, our primary focus is on helping you maximize the growth, agility, and profitability of your online business.To do that, we take an approach that covers the following key areas:


At Regnant, we bring together the power of commerce insights and winning technologies to give you the power to:
  • Personalize,localize, and optimize your brand marketing in every channel
  • Leverage your customer data to tailor individual experiences and scale those experiences across every customer touchpoint
  • Elevate your customer experience to wash out the “showrooming effect”
  • Retool your systems to link activities among offline shopping and every digital channel
  • Leverage your digital investments to drive bricks-and-mortar sales
  • Make your big data actionable to support real-time personalization and drive sales
  • Leverage your social media data to inform every touchpoint and deliver value
  • Build a holistic understanding of your unique customer behavior path
  • Dramatically improve cross-channel digital ROI


Winning with omni-channel marketing requires seamless processes and consistent delivery of information and marketing messaging across every one of your consumer touchpoints. It requires you to connect, engage, and listen to your customers at every point, and to share what you learn about how they shop and what they want across your entire network. It demands a 360° view of your customer that’s used to market, entertain, and sell with the highest level of agility.

Your customers have changed the way they shop. And the way they buy. With that change comes the opportunity to engage them in a smart, seamless, and personal experience across all your channels to create stronger customer relationships, increase loyalty, and grow sales and profitability.

To make the most of this shift to omni-channel commerce, you need a long-term vision supported by an actionable strategy that leverages your existing business strengths and resources. You need a solution that grows your business through more effective personalization, improved merchandising, targeted promotions, and support for an integrated multi-touchpoint sales model that leverages the power of the latest mobile devices and social media. You need technology that supports a high level of scalability, business complexity, and future innovation. And you need the flexibility to adapt to change.

Successful omni-channel commerce drives sales and profits by creating a consistent, consumer-driven shopping experience at every touchpoint, every time—including your physical stores, website, mobile sites, call center, and social media. By fully integrating multi-channel workflow, you have the power to unify processes, merchandising, order management, and marketing to effectively and consistently engage your customers whenever and wherever they experience your brand.

The result: superior brand management, a seamless shopping experience, and a level of customer loyalty and retention that boosts market share and drives sales and profitability.


The goals of your commerce system should be greater than simply keeping up with the latest business trends. At Regnant, we’ll work with you to design and build a reliable, integrated system targeted at the unique needs of your business and your customers. And we’ll help you run that system in the most efficient manner while always delivering an optimal customer experience—no matter where your customers find you.


We know industry standards. So while we’re busy designing an innovative solution for your business, we’re always working from a baseline of industry standards and industry knowledge. Your design won’t be based on imaginative guesses, but on informed wisdom.

We work with you to build a functional model based on your unique commerce challenges and goals. We’ll work with your team to identify the solution components you need to drive your success, leveraging our decades of experience to be sure all of the possibilities are considered and to select the best possible options.

We provide a design toolkit to get you from dreams to delivery—fast. Our comprehensive toolkit includes regional specificity and other unique factors, all in an easy-to-use format. It delivers a consistent user experience that is documented and supported, and it delivers fast, system-optimized results.

We apply emerging technologies throughout the process. Technology is evolving at light speed. By staying abreast of eCommerce innovations, we’re able to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become available to deliver what you need when the system goes live—not what you needed when the project began.

Our designs are reviewed by a board of commerce architecture experts before they’re ever put into action. By leveraging this group’s collective knowledge of commerce and technology, we’re able to fine tune each solution early in the game and set the stage for developing the best possible solution in the least possible time.


We start with a team of developers with strong, well-rounded backgrounds in enterprise architecture, Java, and J2EE. By working from a deep understanding of how the underlying technologies work together, we’re able to build stronger, more innovative systems based on years of experience.

We use a unique mix of modified RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Xtreme Programming. By leveraging the structure and predictability of RUP to keep your project moving forward with Xtreme Programming’s flexibility and ability to absorb changes as they occur during the build process, we deliver a predictable timeline and budget from beginning to end.

We accelerate speed-to-market by building systems around the clock. Our Global Delivery Model provides cost-effective, talented, and knowledgeable resources 24 hours a day, significantly reducing the time required to deliver your complete solution.

We view integrations like a fantastic set of Legos®. Creating solid external connections that tie systems together, rather than reaching deep into each system, we’re able to build the strongest possible structure. By mapping reusable, common links from the outer edge of the ATG Commerce solution to the edges of external systems, we eliminate the need to dive deep into the ATG code, reducing development time and cutting risk.


We provide a post-implementation roadmap. A great solution does nothing for your business—until it’s put into action. Our roadmap serves as your system guide to help you get the most out of your solution once it goes live. The result: you’ll never be left wondering, “Where do we go from here?”

We offer ongoing support and maintenance. Our cost-effective, flexible workforce can provide hard-to-find Oracle ATG development and support skills through our blended onshore/offshore engagement model.

We specialize in SEO optimization, including category-level SEO. SEO rules are changing constantly. From providing thought leadership to making hands-on changes using the SEO frameworks, we help drive SEO visibility to help increase traffic and sales.

We continuously monitor your system to ensure top performance. Ongoing performance testing and system optimization are critical factors in maintaining the efficiency of your system—and the experience of your customers. Our team knows ATG inside and out, giving us the insight to optimize system performance before it becomes visible to your customers.

We partner with industry leaders to deliver creative design, usability, and information architecture. We work closely with trusted providers to help enhance customer experience, site usability, content management, and authoring of creative media and other digital artifacts.


The Regnant process is a pragmatic, action-oriented approach designed to quickly identify your key objectives, uncover why they are important to your business, and determine how you can get there efficiently and cost-effectively. Our process includes linear and iterative phases to drive the long-term success of your commerce initiative:

Define your business objectives. Set realistic, business-focused goals that are precise, actionable, and measurable. Defining the right goals goes a long way towards justifying underlying technology investments. With a clear understanding of the metrics and key performance indicators, we set the stage for the rest of the project.

Score your operational readiness. Evaluate your current ability to achieve your goals. Shining a spotlight on areas where you may not be aligned properly to meet your goals is critical to putting all the right pieces in place for a smooth implementation, including systems, organizational structure and staffing, funding, cultural, and other factors. The result is a Visual Commerce Scorecard that illustrates the business and technical hurdles you will need to overcome to achieve your goals.

Plan which projects to tackle first. Rank your initiatives based on an objective assessment of their cost and complexity versus their overall value to the business. Starting with your feature and function wish list, boil it down to critical path projects that will provide the most value to focus on the highest value initiatives, and deliver the most bang for your buck.

Visualize how the application will function. Translate the analysis of your business processes into a functioning visual simulation of the final application. See what the application looks like, take a close look at your customers’ experience and, most importantly, capture critical feedback and input from business users and other stakeholders before a single line of code is generated

Implement the commerce solution. Build and implement the commerce solution that addresses your business goals. Led by the Regnant Commerce team and based on years of experience delivering complex, multichannel commerce systems, we’ll leverage the latest technologies to make your commerce vision a reality. The result: a scalable, flexible solution designed to grow as you grow.

Optimize the commerce solution.
In the final phase, we work side-by-side with your business users to be sure they are trained in and proficient with the solution. From this point on, we’ll help you define next-step business objectives to help you respond to your ever-changing business environment.


The Regnant delivery methodology enables us to provide transparency, consistency, and timely delivery of solutions of all scales.

Our Global Delivery Model accelerates speed-to-market by enabling us to build systems around the clock.The Regnant global team effectively delivers commerce consulting, implementation, optimization, and support services at a blended competitive cost, across time zones.

We deliver results using proven eCommerce technologies. Specialists in Oracle’s ATG Web Commerce and Endeca solutions, we use these powerful, feature-rich tools to optimize full-scale commerce solutions for clients across many industries, helping them apply the technologies to address their unique business needs.

We draw upon commerce best practices across the entire delivery process. Our business and technical teams have real-world experience on both the client and advisory side of commerce. Our knowledge of what works—and what doesn’t—helps ensure successful implementations in less time.

Our onshore and dual-shore teams utilize a common execution methodology and toolset. Our consistent approach provides transparency, quality, and timely delivery via a single, coordinated effort.

We provide unparalleled experience delivering successful multinational rollouts. Our knowledge of the unique challenges related to multinational currencies, commerce regulations, and cultural differences—particularly in Latin America—streamlines and accelerates design and implementation.

The Elaboration and Construction phases are comprised of multiple iterative, short duration cycles using a combined team of client and Regnant resources to deliver site improvements quickly and efficiently.

This proven approach facilitates ongoing communication across the team, and ensures that the stakeholders are engaged throughout the process with various tools and checkpoints to validate requirements, designs and functionality during each RUP phase.


Your complex business requires a strong commerce strategy to flourish in today’s omni-channel retail environment. At Regnant, we provide leadership that delivers the strong impact and real results to bring your vision to life.

We utilize a robust, repeatable, predictable process to efficiently align your business objectives with supporting commerce technology and maximize profitability from the start. Working together, we’ll put a plan in place that targets your key metrics and your overall project goals. Most importantly, we’ll help ensure your customers are delighted with the result.

Delivering On Your Vision

Technology is a double-edged sword. Evolving at light speed, it constantly brings the promise of future innovations and new capabilities. Sometimes even before your own people are ready to adapt to that promise. To drive the greatest impact:

We work closely with each client to identify tangible solutions that fit not only your business goals, but also the current state of your business—from existing technologies, to corporate culture, to readiness for change.

Our decades of experience in solution delivery enable us to guide you down a practical path toward success.At times that means managing expectations, balancing the excitement of eCommerce bells and whistles with identifying what’s truly best for your business today.

We apply commerce best practices, the most appropriate technologies, and our industry expertise to deliver a solution that meets your critical objectives today and positions you to add all the bells and whistles technology has to offer when the time is right. Time and time again, we’ve seen that this approach is truly the fastest path to achieving even the most ambitious goals and expectations.

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