Technology Solutions


In the consulting space of ATG Regnant offers services like integration, design, review, performance optimization and a lot more. Here is what you can take advantage of when it comes to ATG Consulting:

ATG Integration

Integration is one of the most crucial aspects of any organization, one needs to synchronize the varied systems, processes, functions, platforms into a seamless thread, so comprehending this need we at Regnant fully support integration of ATG solutions with Analytics, Catalog Management, Search Tools, Content Management Systems, Taxation Tools, Payment Tools, Order Fulfillment and Inventory Systems along with many others.

ATG Architecture, Design & Review

Architecture & design together make the environment in which you business processes survive, function & grow thus they need to be both scalable and flexible. Our ATG experts with rich ATG experience in various domains backed by a strong J2EE Architecture team will be able to help you with Architecting and Designing solutions to some of the most complex business problems.

ATG Performance Optimization

Our ATG experts can help you by analyzing any performance/stability issues with your ATG   solution.


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