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At Regnant Consultancy, our core aim is to leverage technologies that make the customers life easier and simpler, and thus we are always on the lookout for new technology applications that promise improved efficiencies and simpler processes. We have adopted and created competencies for a slew of latest applications, and on the many ATG is something we truly believe in.
To provide these services we have adopted numerous ATG products which include:

ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine

ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine is the heart of ATG Product Suite. It is a highly capable platform on its own. Many complex business applications and content driven sites can be developed in a scalable, robust and performance oriented way using ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine.

ATG Commerce

ATG  Commerce is a comprehensive, highly scalable e-commerce solution housing the catalog, pricing engine, shopping cart, pricing capabilities, and all other transaction-specific features. It enables you to personalize the online buying experience for your customers, making it easy for them to find desired products, comparison shop, register for gifts, pre-order products, redeem coupons, and execute many other useful features.

ATG Merchandising

Helps drive revenue and lower inventory expenses by giving your merchandisers direct control over your online storefront, to maximize margins, reduce inventory, and differentiate your products and services from the competition.ATG Commerce Search directs customers more quickly to desired items and eliminates the labor costs required to integrate and manually update other search solutions.

ATG Self Service

Diverts low-value customer service inquiries away from your agents and empowers your customers to answer questions and complete online transactions with highly personalized Web self-service. It combines an answer repository with multi-lingual natural language search and navigation capabilities into a single solution.

ATG Outreach

Helps you develop cost-effective e-marketing and service campaigns that integrate e-mail with your Web site.

ATG Campaign Optimizer

Lets you test and understand your customers’ preferences, which helps you drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and reduce marketing and development expenses.

ATG Customer Intelligence

Provides you with a holistic view of customer interactions across systems, channels, and customer lifecycles. ATG Customer Intelligence supports smart decision-making about how to best attract, retain, and satisfy customers.

ATG Commerce Service Center brings

Personalized e-commerce to the contact center, as Web-based agent-facing solutions for order administrations, sales support, and customer care. Agents can sell to and provide service to customers over the telephone and on the Web site, using chat, or via e-mail. Integrated with ATG’s eStara Connections services

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