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Collaborative Planning

Oracle® Collaborative Planning provides a better way to enable multi-enterprise planning. You can collaborate securely with your trading partners, reduce planning cycle time, and identify and react quickly to supply chain exceptions. By getting early visibility to your supply commit changes and making your suppliers aware of your order forecast changes, you can quickly streamline cross-enterprise planning and operations. Oracle Collaborative Planning enables you to increase forecast accuracy, implement vendor managed and consigned inventory processes, increase global supply visibility, reduce supply shortages, and lower expediting cost.


Increase global visibility and reduce supply shortages

Share inventory levels and locations with key trading partners and pool inventory for critical parts to reduce stock-outs and increase service levels.

Implement vendor managed and consigned inventory

Provide customer value-add services by automating customer inventory replenishment and reduce your expediting cost by automating your replenishment with your key suppliers. The system provides extensive and yet configurable exception management to notify your inventory planners and buyers of critical conditions.

Reduce planning cycle time through multi-enterprise planning

Compare order forecasts and supply commits continuously and in real-time while leveraging waterfall analysis and audit trail to measure supplier commit performance. Quickly react to supply-demand mismatches and instantly use the latest supply data in your supply planning process

React quickly to supply chain exceptions

A user configurable and extensive exceptions management framework enables you to notify your planners, buyers, and trading partners about cross-enterprise planning exceptions, and to automate the escalation of notification if no actions are taken.

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