Technology Solutions

CQ5 Capabilities

Following is a listing of the major features and capabilities of the Adobe CQ5 enterprise web content management system.

Simple, Intuitive Web Publishing

  • In-context, drag-and-drop page design
  • In-context content authoring
  • In-context digital asset editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts for native application feel within a browser client
  • CIFS and WebDAV interfaces for drag-and-drop easy
  • Freedom of choice: language, look, desktop tools (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Embed and integrate tables/charts from desktop tools
  • Secure offline edit and authoring
  • Text, image, and teaser components
  • Dynamic lists
  • Adobe Flash and Slideshow components
  • Tables and charts
  • Search and site maps
  • Multi-column layout controls
  • Online form builder components
  • Clickstream cloud component
  • Google gadget support – leverage over 40,000 pre-built gadgets

Creative Site and Page Design Within Corporate Standards

  • Page templates by site and site section
  • Fine-grained control over available page components
  • CSS-driven
  • Full design inheritance

Support For Any Editorial Process

  • Integrated BPM engine for simple to advanced workflow
  • Business user-oriented visual drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Out-of-the-box support for task notification, delegation, and escalation

Federated, Social Search

Search all content assets – from documents, to web pages, to digital assets, and more

  • Search all content repositories – from CRX to Sharepoint to Documentum
  • Out-of-the-box search result summaries
  • Out-of-the-box related search suggestions
  • Out-of-the box faceted search results navigation
  • Automatic ranking improvement based on end-user search selections
  • Available within both Adobe CQ WCM authoring environment and any run-time website

Simple, Social Tagging And Taxonomy Management

  • Simple tag creation
  • Simple tag assignment from an approved library of terms
  • Tag utilization tracking
  • Drag-and-drop addition of suggested tags to corporate taxonomy

Content Analytics

  • In-context reporting on site visit traffic available to all business users
  • Keyword effectiveness tracking
  • Integration with 3rd party analytics vendors such as Google Analytics

Content Targeting and Targeting Rule Simulation

  • Content targeting based on user profile and clickstream behavior
  • Easy, intuitive rule creation via tagging
  • In-context user click-stream simulation for testing targeting effectiveness
  • Client-side Javascript support for building dynamic, interactive sites
  • ActionScript support for RIAs
  • Run-time user registration and profile management
  • Run-time user generated content, commenting, and tagging support

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