Delivery Models

Regnant is a product and services based company headquartered in Bangalore, India, Singapore, & South Korea.Regnant has offices in Boston, London, South East Asia, Middle East and India. Regnant Delivery Models are developed to be flexible as it deals with clients on a global scale. Regnant has a rich experience in software development and programming and has proven to be an effective solutionist to the client’s dynamic business and technology needs across the product life cycle. To meet the unique client requirements, we offer Offshore Delivery Models, Onsite Delivery Models and Hybrid Delivery Models.

Our models are designed to meet all the possible business needs in any given environment that would arise in an organization. Whether your project insists on a speedy response, detailed requirements planning, expansion or any other required service or support, Regnant Delivery Models are the sought solution. To trump it all, Regnant Delivery Management that the delivery models are client & project friendly and are perfectly tailored to meet their needs.

Whatever be the client’s needs, Regnant will be there with a solution. Our Delivery Models meet and exceed the quality needs of a client. Our Delivery Models are cost-effective and tested & proven over several projects with clients around the world. We have a penchant for delivering quality results within the specified time and budget.

With our world-class and sturdy products & services, we cater to our global clients needs irrespective of technical, functional, linguistic, cultural or geographical diversity.

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