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Based on our experience and knowledge of this tool working with large brands, we recommend that large enterprises consider the Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management (WCM) solution as the platform for delivering the engaging, multi-channel customer experiences and greater online business and marketing success.

We believe Adobe CQ5 will enable greater   online marketing agility and allow large enterprises to attract new audiences, deliver targeted, relevant content to target audiences, and optimize site content and campaigns in real-time for increased search engine referrals, click-throughs, conversions, and revenue. How?


Increase new prospective customer site traffic and repeat visits through an engaging online experience, targeted search engine and user friendly content, and multi-channel messages and stories.


Increase search engine referrals and content campaign conversion rates with real-time analytics and marketing optimization. Adobe CQ5 delivers a balanced approach to web content management and search engine optimization by focusing on both sides of STA Digital’s Creativity + Technology equation necessary for success. This is one of the foundational reasons why Adobe Systems acquired Day Software and is building its own Customer Experience Management solutions on this platform.

Contact STA Digital to find out more information about our Adobe CQ5 custom template design and component development services.


Gain time-to-market advantage with rapid rollout of new content and campaigns targeted to defined prospective and existing customer audiences.

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