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CQ5 Development

Regnant’s Digital’s Adobe CQ5 technology team has extensive experience in custom component and template development. We regularly post the custom components we develop to the Adobe PackageShare site to be shared with the Adobe CQ community.
Examples of Our CQ5 Component Development

Tabbed restaurant menu component

Content authors can create content that lives in any number of tabs. All content is hidden from view except for the current tab selected. In this example, we used our tabbed component to appropriately divide menu content.

Additional Custom Development Services

The slideshow image gallery component makes it easy for content authors to create slideshow galleries from groups of full-size images. When embedding this component, the content author selects a folder within the DAM to use for the gallery. The component then creates a thumbnail grid that can be navigated with a “lightbox” Javascript interface.

Bing map Component

The Bing Map Component provides an easy way for content authors to embed Bing maps within their content. A content author can enter an address or geographic coordinates to influence the map’s starting location.

A fully featured breadcrumb trail that can adapt to any number of design specifications by easily changing the HTML output or stylesheets.

Additional Custom Development Services

  • Adobe Flash and Flex integration
  • DAM visualization systems
  • RSS and XML integration
  • Custom navigational systems
  • Interactive database connection and integration

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