Gift Center & WebSphere Commerce

  • As per IBM, nearly two-thirds of consumers buy gifts from gift registries, both online and offline. Over half of gift registrants say it is important to manage their gift registries online.
  • IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce a feature of WebSphere Commerce that provides a complete multi-channel gift registry solution. It can operate as a Web-only gift registry, integrate with an existing back-end registry system or stand on its own as a centralized cross-channel solution. It leverages the marketing and merchandising capabilities of WebSphere Commerce and provides integration points to your point of sale (POS) system, store kiosk, and scanning devices. Test the effectiveness of site content, marketing campaigns, navigation and other aspects of an e-commerce site to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness and identify new revenue opportunities.

Key features of WebSphere Commerce Gift Center
  • Support for multiple life events: Weddings, Birthdays, Baby
  • Private and Public Registries
  • Rich creation and management features for multiple co-registrants
  • E-mail announcements for guests
  • Completion program with seller defined discounts upon closeout
  • “Thank You” notes tracker
  • Kiosk and Web site user interface
  • In-store gift consultant tooling
  • Ability for gift givers to purchase an item for themselves and from the registry in a single checkout

Benefits of Gift Center
  • Improved customer reach – registries act as “viral marketing”.
  • Increased revenue opportunities – gift givers often buy items for themselves while using the registry
  • Improved customer service through seamless registry interaction and service across channels
  • Reduced IT cost and complexity by consolidating all cross-channel gift registry processes on WebSphere Commerce
  • Reduced IT cost and complexity by using central server for call center and Web and reduced number of systems needing replicated catalog, customer, promotion and order data.

Regnant with blend of their experience and expertise have integrated WebSphere Gift Center many times and have even done heavy customizations on top of out of box offering from IBM depending on user requirement.

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