Global Commerce

Global Commerce sales to reach 1.2 trillion by the end of 2015. What are your opportunity costs if you don’t expand internationally?

Areas Of Expertise

Logistics – Borderfree


BorderFree allows U.S. brands to expand globally by offering a number of turn-key international services. Regnant Commerce has worked with BorderFree to enable Oracle ATG Web commerce clients to transact in multiple countries in local languages, with local pricing, local shipping options, and local payment options.

Payments – Global Collect


GlobalCollect is the world’s premier Payment Service Provider of local e-payment solutions for international Customer Not-Present (CNP) businesses such as internet, mail and telephone orders. Through one single web-enabled technical and administrative interface, our online payment platform offers the largest range of local e-payment methods and currencies in over 170 countries.

Fraud – Cubersource


CyberSource’s Global Fraud Decision Manager, includes the world’s largest fraud detection radar, enabling you to get more data about your inbound order, as well as compare it to data generated from the over 60 BILLION transactions that Visa and CyberSource process annually – including truth data. It comes with a business-user rule management console to access over 260 popular global validation tests and services, a highly customizable case management system, and reporting and analytics to provide greater visibility over the fraud management process.

Hosting – Rackspace


Fanatical Support® has made Rackspace the service leader in cloud computing. They deliver enterprise-class hybrid cloud infrastructures to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Rackspace combines public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated bare metal computing to provide the perfect infrastructure for each customer’s specific needs.

Localization & Translation


BorderFree’s Localization Services help you create the same online experience across different countries. Even though you are in multiple countries, with multiple currencies, you still present to each consumer a friendly, localized shopping experience, one catered to them — and fully automated based on their IP address.

CDN – Akamai


Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator delivers globally consistent performance up to five times faster than your original Web infrastructure, easily handling the specific requirements of dynamically-generated content and freeing you to pursue innovative new ways of connecting with users around the world.

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