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Hybris B2B Commerce

Hybris B2B eCommerce. B2B eCommerce with a B2C-class user experience

Hybris B2B eCommerce tames complexity by consolidating management of multiple business models, channels and markets.
It enables B2B organisations to accomodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform, while automating sales administration and maintaining the operational efficiency required to drive customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profits.

Business Challenges

Managing complexity of B2B processes and transactions

Give account managers intuitive, rights-based tools to manage accounts and related cost centers and budgets. Provide customers with self-service capabilities to decrease administrative overhead and enhance customer service.

Integrating multiple channels, business models and markets

Reduce the complexity of supporting multiple business models (including B2B2C), channels and markets. Manage the extended ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and partners on a single platform.

Unifying multiple data domains.

Integrate products, multiple supplier catalogs, inventory, contracts, customer information, content and orders onto a single solution.
Managing and using complete, fine-grained product content
Consolidate product content on a single platform to ensure uniform messaging across all channels, and to proactively address individual customer product requests.

Delivering a retail-like shopping experience

Exceed customer expectations with B2C-caliber usability, personalisation and functionality.

Applying buyer-centric B2B merchandising

Understand B2B purchasers’ “triggers” (page views, abandoned shopping cart, etc.) so you can help them find and purchase the exact products they need with promotional offers, customised landing pages, SMS messages, etc.

Streamlining order processing and fulfillment

Control operations costs and ensure customer satisfaction by consolidating and automating order processing.

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