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Hybris B2C Commerce

Consumers interact with retailers in many ways: online, phone, mobile device and in the store. And, they expect to have a highly relevant and productive interaction at every touch-point: from shopping, to orders, to returns. hybris helps B2C organizations to succeed in this challenging world by adopting additional channels and delivering a consistent experience across all channels, while having the tools required to drive revenue and efficiency.

Understanding Customer Preferences

Understanding preferences at every contact point is critical to maximizing customer lifetime value. hybris B2C Commerce enables creation of targeted “boutique” eCommerce site.

Adopting New Channels

Improving response to changing commerce environments and gaining a competitive edge over single-channel retailers requires the ability to adopt new channels to give offer more choice and convenience. hybris enables retailers to easily integrate additional channels such as mobile, print and call center.

Driving Growth through International Expansion

Entering new markets and opening new stores implies high costs and investment risks. New channels provide a lower-cost way for retailers to penetrate international markets. hybris allows retailers to run multiple online stores, mobile sites or customer service for different countries, segments and brands on a single platform.


Increasing Conversion Rates

Improving user experience is the key to driving conversion rates. hybris consolidates and centralizes the management of catalog data and unstructured content such as user-generated content, images, digital assets, etc. on a single platform. Using consistent content across channels optimizes every element of the customer experience.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Generating website traffic is an ongoing challenge. hybris B2C Commerce provides a broad range of content and merchandising capabilities to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Streamlining Order Fulfillment

Processing orders placed across multiple channels can be labor intensive and create expensive service issues. hybris B2C Commerce consolidates and automates processing to streamline fulfillment and enable guaranteed on-time global delivery.

Key Benefits:

Enables adoption of additional channels – such as mobile, print, call center, etc. – on a single platform.

Centralized product content management ensures content consistency across channels.

Supports operation of multiple shops on a single platform for multitenant or multibrand strategies.

Real-time personalization, merchandising, and search and navigation drive conversion rates.

Integrated customer service improves customer satisfaction and increases sales.

Centralized order management enables multi- channel fulfillment efficiency.

Best-in-class scalability, flexibility and performance for high-volume, high-transaction environments.

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