Landing Page Optimizations

Conversion and Landing Page Optimization

“Always be testing.” Digital marketing is nothing if not flexible. No matter how well you know your customers’ desires and motivations today, you can be assured that your messaging to them will need to change over time. Your products will change. Your target markets will change. Even your current customers will change in how they perceive your current products. Conversion or landing page optimization tests some or all of the elements on a page to see which combination leads to the behavior you want—whether it’s a click, a form completion or viewing a video.

Effective conversion optimization requires a systematic approach and knowledge of what to test in order to achieve the greatest results, quickly. Axis41 uses A/B (sometimes called A/B/n) testing to test a baseline concept against one or more variations. We also use multivariate testing to test multiple elements of a single page at the same time.

Our Conversion Optimization Approach:
  • Persona development
  • Conversion objective analysis
  • Testing opportunity assessment
  • Testing (A/B or multivariate)
  • Analysis and recommendations

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