Manufacturing is one of the most crucial and complicated function of an organization, and the most capital intensive to. This function has a very sensitive link to information; a timely decision can save huge costs and can incur huge profits. Especially in today’s day and age where competition is getting thicker, margins are on a downward spiral manufacturers need innovative technological solutions that help them focus on increasing their capacities, accelerate product innovation, enhance go-to-market lead time, and foster a collaborative environment with suppliers.

We at Regnant Consultancy have partnered with global automotive and discrete manufacturing and pharmaceutical enterprises, to deliver meaningful IT solutions across the value chain.

The rapidly-evolving manufacturing industry is booming. Buyers and sellers alike are finding the best deals online with the click of a mouse, making it more critical than ever before that manufacturers improve their digital presence to effectively reach and attract potential customers across the globe.

Why Regnant for Manufacturing?

Develop a ‘single customer experience’ across all dealers, by gaining visibility into their operations and standardizing them through dealer management solutions.Collaborate better with partners, suppliers and customers to foster internal and external innovation.Attract, engage and retain customers through digital marketing initiatives

Empower sales personnel to collaborate and make decisions on the move, through mobility solutions

Our deep domain expertise and consultative approach addresses the unique business challenges of customers, across developed and emerging markets.

Proven B2B Experience

With 10+ years in the digital marketplace, Regnant has a proven ability to design and enable interactive experiences for manufacturers of all sizes. Strategically aligned with your core business values and project needs, Siteworx is focused on delivering tangible outcomes that meet the goals and requirements set in the early phases of the engagement.

Demonstrated Content Management Expertise

Utilizing our unique approach to agile methodology, Regnant breaks down antiquated legacy systems and siloes to implement a scalable, functional platform that puts your content marketing strategy to work. Siteworx also provides a clear training plan to ensure our clients possess a solid understanding of best practices in taxonomy, architecture and content driven web development.

Regnant works with manufacturing companies to:

Provide a clear and actionable, phased plan. Our proven expertise in strategy and project management will ensure you satisfy internal and external audience needs.

Integrate new technological capabilities with company-standard platforms. Siteworx is equally adept in developing and integrating custom solutions or working within the constraints of an existing platform to integrate and deliver new capabilities.

Maintain an ongoing support model that meets IT security standards. Our working-partnerships with top-performing solution providers offer fully integrated application and networking infrastructure support for all design and development-related issues.

Propelled by our technology-agnostic approach to project management, design, software development and quality assurance tools, we’ll help your organization drive success at every stage of the value chain.

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