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Emerging devices, shifting preferences, the ongoing transition to digital—change is one constant in the media world. Another is the relentless push to monetize content. Just as the environment has never been more complex, the standards for digital content have never been higher. On tablets, smart phones, TVs and more, customers, employees and business partners expect consistent, compelling content at their fingertips—with ample opportunity for interaction.

ECommerce directors, editors and marketers alike need a content strategy that does it all: engages customers through their device of choice, serves up tailored messaging and expedites purchasing decisions through a seamless experience. What’s more, this solution must be effortless to manage with a measurable contribution to the bottom line.

We exhort media organizations on pressing vital and operational issues—discovering new income models, investigating rising advanced open doors, and winning and holding clients.
  • With stages and channels joining, media and excitement organizations must create and execute systems that exploit a coordinated and broad scene.
  • Our experience working with players over the entire media quality chain—from substance suppliers and aggregators to promoters, dispersion players, and access suppliers empowers us to give coordinated bits of knowledge to our customers on a worldwide premise
  • We chip away at center key issues, for example, development, worldwide extension, mergers and acquisitions, and advanced system.
  • We help convey noteworthy effect in commercial deals, valuing, deals energy adequacy, CLM, advanced showcasing, and online networking.
  • We can help with operational enhancements in production network administration, conveyance, generation, seller administration, channel administration, and newsroom operations.

Publishing and analysis at maximum speed

As your interactive agency, Regnant will help you quickly publish content across every device and screen your customers use—and support them with online resources and tools that help them find what they’re looking for fast. With robust personalization and analytics tools, you can track their journey and proactively manage a holistic customer experience like never before.

We work with media companies to:

Maximize digital assets. Discover content strategies that leverage and integrate web and email channels, as well as social and mobile media, video and more.

Accelerate your output. Find out how an agile development environment makes it quick and easy to generate the content your users crave.

Be social. Learn how pulling in social content and directing people to social properties delivers the experience they expect while expanding your reach.

Make it seamless. Get mobile, social, CRM, email, analytics, service and support all operating on the same page.

Leverage your insight. Use your customer data to drive better decision making and increase revenue.

Regnant delivers these capabilities and more through our integrated, end-to-end platform of project management, design, software development and quality assurance tools.

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