Omniture is enterprise software which supports complex hierarchical architecture for content tracking. Features offered by Omniture are mind boggling – widgets, long list of functionality with comparison reports. From a developer’s perspective, one needs to first decide the hierarchy of content tracking and reports expected out of them. Sometimes it becomes tricky to populate Omniture tags for complex reporting. Omniture provides SiteCatalyst tool to track the omniture reports.

WebSphere Commerce and Omniture

Omniture Site Catalyst can now be fully integrated with IBM WebSphere. In cooperation with Omniture, Regnant does seamless integration of Omiture with WCS 7.

Integration of Ominture with WebSphere Commerce by Regnant offers

Custom reports in Site Catalyst specific to the needs of  WebSphere Commerce customers.

  • Shortened Implementation Time:In as little as 2 hours of time, the API can befully functionally with a sample store.
  • Standard set of analytics for WebSphereCommerce out of the box. Additional metrics can easily be added.

Technical Specs:
  • Unique JSTL Taglibs to generateOmniture Page JS tagging.
  • The JSTL Omniture Framework is extensible. This allows website managers to collect more data on various pages for custom reports
  • Designed to work with WebsphereCommerce Dynacache.
  • Designed to work with WebsphereAjax Mini Cart.

Regnant with blend of their experience and expertise have integrated Omniture with WebSphere Commerce many times and have even done heavy customizations on top of out of box offering.

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