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Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC)

Do you have easy access to critical supply chain performance metrics? Do you have real-time access to the data that drives your detailed planning applications? Do you need a systemic process for simulating alternative business scenarios to make better supply chain decisions? Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center provides decision makers with a comprehensive solution that delivers powerful analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, robust scenario modeling and management, and automated business process execution capabilities.

As a key decision maker, you can quickly compare alternative business scenarios, define how they will be executed, and determine what trade-offs need to be made to meet your business goals. Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center’s unique offering of prebuilt dashboards, reports, performance indicators, facts, hierarchies, alerts, and context-sensitive drill downs provide the decision support tools that you need to increase the value in your supply chain without the need to master complex tools and processes.


Make Supply Chain Decisions Based on Real-time Business Insight

Key decision makers often rely on spreadsheets, e-mail, and simplified presentations to executives or to monitor the health of their supply chain. Typically, this information is stale due to the time it takes to extract and transform detailed planning data into actionable metrics. Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center solves this problem by providing robust scenario management, out-of-the-box analytics, and process automation capabilities that enable you to streamline your planning processes.

Business Scenario Planning for Key Decision Makers

To make the best supply chain decisions, you often need to compare alternative business strategies. With Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center, you can easily define scenarios that represent these alternatives. You can assign tasks that trigger collaboration between the various stakeholders executing the elements of a scenario such as creating a consensus forecast and running supply plans. You can attach related documents that provide background information or illustrate why or how a task needs to be executed. Once scenario tasks are completed, you can analyze the results as supply chain metrics linked to demand and supply plan data in a uniform and consistent format.

Seamlessly Move Between Analytics and Planning

When performing root-cause analysis on supply chain planning problems, you need to be able to translate very detailed planning information into performance metrics that quickly illustrate the impact specific business scenarios. Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center enables you to analyze high level demand and supply trends and metrics, and to drill down in any area to analyze root-cause of problems via the prebuilt dashboards and reports. You can also seamlessly drill-down to the powerful planning workbenches to simulate possible solutions or take actions, in context of the problem that you are trying to solve.

Leverage Process Automation to Structure Execution of Your Scenarios

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center obtains supply chain planning data from complementary demand planning, inventory optimization, sales and operations planning, network design, and supply planning applications via web services. This web services-based approach enables Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center to support operational improvements in a wide variety of functional areas through integration with other applications—even in highly heterogeneous application environments.

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