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Oracle Global Trade Management

Oracle® Global Trade Management (GTM) is a unique global compliance solution that allows companies of all sizes and in all geographies to centrally manage their global trade operations. And, since it was developed as an integrated component of Oracle’s logistics suite, GTM enables companies to optimize, automate, and monitor cross-border transactions in ways that were not before available from best-of-breed software providers.

Residing in an integrated logistics framework with OTM, Global Trade Management delivers unparalleled visibility and control over both orders and shipments. GTM is a global trade automation platform that enables companies to optimize and streamline business processes related to cross-border trade by layering trade data and milestones over the physical flow of goods. With well-structured compliance policies and trade automation tools to help implement and enforce them, companies can begin to achieve best trade practices across and beyond the organization.

The primary objective built into GTM is to enable global trade anywhere to anywhere. As a result, you will have a centralized trade management platform that allows for local execution. From this platform you can manage trade across enterprise and trade network with coordinated processes connecting all parties. Given the nature of trade and regulations, scenarios change quickly. Your GTM framework is flexible to respond to changing business conditions

GTM’s leadership is recognized in three main areas that are critical for global shippers:
  • Native Trade & Transportation Platform – Oracle GTM is built on the same platform as Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) providing customers with a holistic global logistics platform to manage their trade and transportation requirements.
  • Adapt Quickly – There are no hard-coded regulations. Your company specific policies and trade rules are configured and updated to align with your business conditions
  • Global Design – Single source of truth for global trade

Regnant | GTM

Should you be a cost centric or a service centric enterprise, or more likely, some hybrid of the two, business leaders, today, understand that their competitive differentiation hinges on what value their supply chain delivers across its stakeholders. It truly is a Winner Take All moment.
Therefore, Everybody we speak with and Everywhere we go, Regnant finds Global Supply Chain and Logistics initiatives featured by companies who aspire to become great companies, or by those elite enterprises that demand even bigger differentiation from their competition.
In addressing the supply chain execution components (Transportation Mgmt, Warehouse Mgmt, and Global Trade Mgmt), we see a platform enabling a collaborative, agile, and fully optimized logistics network that provides outcomes that fuel your Supply Chain and Logistics initiative. Great technology does not always mean the best solution. In fact, technology alone is never the answer.
At the core Regnant’s approach is deploying GTM as a trade management backbone to give your trade operation:

  • Global trade repository
  • Master trade repository for party and item data
  • Extensive product classification features
  • Next generation screening capabilities
  • Robust, configurable restricted party screening engine
  • Screen all types of orders from external systems
  • Enhanced audit capabilities
  • Global trade compliance platform
  • Manage legal, regulatory & corporate compliance policies globally
  • Flexible rules-engine to identify trade-related controls
  • License management
  • License exception
  • Document management

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Reduced redundant processes through automation
  • Improved supply chain velocity and increased working capital utilization
  • Increased productivity and efficiency for trade operations
  • Reduced costs
  • Mitigated supply chain and compliance risk worldwide
  • Reduced total landed costs


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