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Rapid Planning

Today’s dynamic and rapidly changing supply chains require planning tools that allow you to quickly react to unexpected events such as a new “hot demand” from an important customer, a product quality issue, a supplier yield bust, or a sudden product line breakdown. Oracle Rapid Planning delivers a fast, incremental planning engine combined with easy mass editing of data and a powerful user experience to instantly assess the impacts of changes without having to wait for daily tactical planning runs to complete and your ERP to catch up.

Embedded analytics, robust exception management, and a spreadsheet-style user interface provide predictive and actionable insight to identify the most profitable decision. Your decisions can be translated directly into action with seamless integration to execution. Rapid Planning can be deployed in heterogeneous environments and co-exist with existing planning and ERP environments.

Quickly React To Supply Chain Disruptions

Oracle Rapid Planning offers fast, incremental plan runs, easy manipulation of planning data, and automated constraint-based decisions making to help you react to changes in the shortest possible time.

Perform Fast Incremental Demand/Supply Planning Driven by Real-time Events
  • Utilize powerful “what-if” simulation simultaneously considering material and resource availability
  • Easily manipulate data with a highly configurable spreadsheet-style user interface for mass edits
  • Leverage automated decision making to quickly resolve supply issues

Provide Predictive and Actionable Insight

Oracle Rapid Planning includes powerful analytics and an intuitive user interface to allow you to quickly assess the business impact of scenarios and determine the most effective course of action.

Embedded Analytics Present Plan Results in Aggregate and Detailed Performance Metrics
  • A rich array of performance indicators enable you to create custom performance metrics tailored to your company’s requirements
  • Use plan comparison views to compare the results of different simulations

Translate Decisions Into Actions With Out-of-the-Box Integration

Oracle Rapid Planning can be implemented standalone, or integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It can also be easily integrated with a wide range of ERP systems including SAP or other legacy systems. Rapid Planning is fully compatible with all elements of Oracle’s suite of Value Chain Planning applications.

  • All data necessary for planning is brought into Rapid Planning automatically
  • Plan recommendations can be released directly into execution for immediate action
  • Rapid Planning can compliment or replace existing supply planning solutions

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