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The Regnant approach to data is one which builds upon the needs and requirements of each customer. Our experience helps our clients chose the right solutions using the right technology and approaches. We leverage innovations in today’s BI industry like Big Data and mobile to deliver the right data to the right people, at the right time. In addition, our approach of using Agile ensures that we deliver what you need in order to deliver valuable business insights.


Big Data

Regnant BI Experts build and deliver robust Big Data platforms embracing cutting-edge data exploration, visualization, and analytics capabilities. Using a range of systems, solutions and tools, our clients are able to harness the possibilities of Big Data to gain insight into vast amounts of unstructured data. Our partnerships with SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft allow us to bring the best Big Data platforms and solutions to our customers.

NoSQL and Operational DBs, Highly Scalable Systems: Hadoop, MongoDB, MarkLogic, Cassandra, CouchDB, Amazon WebServices, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, EMC2, Tibco, SAP, Oracle

Cloud Computing & Virtualization: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, SalesForce, Cloud Foundry, XenServer, Amazon WebServices, vmware

Real-time Analytics, Forecasting and Optimization: IBM Cognos, Mongo DB, Gigaspaces, Teradata, SQL Server, Google Analytics, QlikView, Oracle Business Intelligence, Microstrategy

Solving Industry Challanges

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