Social Commerce

Social Commerce is very instrumental and real implementation of multichannel marking strategies. Initially brands and products use to be advertised by creating an organization profile on these networking websites; however now these networking tools can be hooked up to web stores to attract the real traffic.

What is Social Commerce
  • Strategy for Product Marketing
  • Tool for ongoing marketing being done by customers, without efforts!

WebSphere Commerce and Social Commerce

IBM WebSphere Commerce offers an integrated, customer-centric platform to help you connect and foster active participation with customers to help improve the customer experience. Social Commerce helps companies make their brand an experience by:

  • Engaging customers based on their social behavior with your brand
  • Providing your customers with a reason to your return to your website
  • Giving clients a reason to talk about your brand on your website
  • Providing all the necessary information on your website for your clients to research, compare, make a decision and purchase from you and not your competitor

Benefits of Social Commerce
  • Creates customer loyalty
  • Drives traffic through sites
  • Expands Search Engine Presence
  • Increased ROI

Social Commerce Features in WebSphere Commerce V7
  • Category Blogs
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Profiles
  • Product Reviews and Ratings

Feature Provider in V7
  • Integration implemented using WebSphere sMash technology
  • BazaarVoice provides ratings and reviews
  • IBM Lotus Connections and Pluck provide blogs, user profile and photo galleries

Regnant with blend of their experience and expertise have integrated Social commerce to WebSphere commerce many times and have even done heavy customizations on top of out of box offering from IBM depending on user requirement.

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