Strategy & Intelligence

Achieve real business results, by working with Regnant to articulate the right strategy and to take action based on calculated insights.

Areas Of Expertise

Strategy & Kpi Definition

The most critical starting point in any commerce initiative is defining a clear strategy.

Regnant will guide you in your strategy definition process through a series of workshops that drive decision making. At a high level, we start by helping you articulate the vision you have for your commerce business and how it will drive business value. Next, we map out the core steps needed to reach the end goals, identifying where to focus your time and energy. Lastly, we define which key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important to your business, set new KPI targets, and help you track those KPIs, while staying aligned with the end goals.

Business Strategy Offerings
  • Mobile and tablet strategy & planning
  • KPI definition and modeling
  • Digital marketing strategy and planning
  • Digital marketing tools evaluation & integration
  • Audience research, analysis & definition
  • User segmentation strategy and planning
  • Personalization & content targeting strategy and planning
  • Customer Service Strategy and planning
  • Loyalty and Gift card strategy and planning
  • Business Organization Readiness assessment
IT Strategy Offerings
  • Platform evaluation and selection
  • Enterprise architecture assessment & strategy
  • Technology readiness assessment
  • Technology road-mapping & multi-phase planning
  • IT organization readiness assessment
  • User segmentation strategy and planning
  • UML business architecture modeling
  • IT TCO and ROI strategy and planning
  • Program Management
  • Business Organization Readiness assessment

Competitive Assessment

Define your commerce strategy from a clear vantage point and position of power.

Successful and actionable commerce strategies benefit from having clear insight into a number of key areas of your business, your customers, your competition, and the marketplace. Regnant Commerce will work with you to help identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT Analysis), allowing you to better define the following:

Strengths – What differentiating value can your business offer, over your competition, to a specific customer segment, and how can we leverage that advantage in your commerce solution?

Weaknesses – What limitations does your business currently face, in its ability to execute your commerce vision, which put it at a disadvantage over your competition? How do we improve on those weaknesses or build a successful strategy around them?

Opportunities – Where are the greatest opportunities to grow your business? What key areas should we apply laser focus to in order to increase profits and lower costs?

Threats – What external factors, including competitors, fast changing industry trends, and market changes, could impact your company’s growth plans?

Technology Roadmaps

Executive your commerce vision in phases that align technology and resource capabilities with your business goals.

The goal of roadmap planning is to help guide you in the evolution of your commerce offering to ensure enhancements, changes, and investments are focused on driving high business value. Our roadmap planning process takes into consideration several factors, including impact to sales and return-on-investment, time to implement, dependency on separate technologies, and timing of when the organization can utilize and truly benefit from the technology investment.

Analytics & Insights

Refine your execution plan by measuring and clearly interpreting what activities have the biggest impact on your business, why that is, and what to do next.

Our team of certified analytics professionals can help you view, analyze, and interpret your commerce related data in new and innovative ways, providing you with actionable insights that can drive results.

Site & Campaign Optimization Tools
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst, aka Omniture
  • Endeca Analytics
  • IBM CoreMetrics
  • Adobe Test & Target (Omniture Suite)
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Custom database reports
  • Radian6

Channel Conflict Solutions

Turn your channel conflict into an opportunity for overall growth and channel optimization.

With 20% of online shoppers showing preference to buy directly from brand sites, manufacturers must find ways to meet consumer demand, while simultaneously maintaining supportive relationships with their retail partners.

When the end goal, for a manufacturer selling direct, is to strengthen its brand and increase overall sales, there’s an opportunity for channel optimization. Regnant Commerce will work with you to define a direct-to-consumer strategy that focuses on delivering increased benefits to the online shopper, strengthens your online brand presence, and creates a win-win sales model for your retail partners.

Channel optimization capabilities we offer include:

Retail locator maps, with product pricing and availability

Drive qualified traffic to your online and offline retail partners. Our store locator system automatically finds retailers with your products. No need to provide us with a database of customer accounts or worry about keeping it up to date.

Lead tracking to online and offline retail partners

Report on the incremental business you drive to your retail partners, offsetting concerns about lost revenues caused by direct sales.

Lead-to-Sale tracking across online retail partners

Earn sales commissions from your retailers based on sales that happen on their sites which are directly attributed to your marketing efforts.

Buy Online – Pickup in Store

Drive more conversions, and sales commissions, by showcasing retail partners that offer the option to buy online and pickup in store.

Real-time MAP Monitoring

Protect your margins and your brand, while gaining the insight and intelligence to optimize pricing, with real-time monitoring of minimum advertised prices.

Capabilities & Readiness Training

Realize business results by leveraging the full capabilities of your technology investment

As your commerce business grows and new, sophisticated technologies and processes are introduced into your organization, a critical component to realizing true business results is ensuring that your technical and business teams are actually utilizing the new capabilities of the technology to impact your business. Through a series of interactive workshops, Regnant Commerce can empower your teams to more fully leverage capabilities of the following:,

  • Oracle Commerce Suite
  • Endeca Search & Navigation
  • Endeca Experience Manager

Make sure to ask us about training needs on any other specific technology or platform within your commerce ecosystem.

Regnants will also work with you to identify resource, technology, or process gaps your organization will want to address as your teams prepare to adopt and integrate changes driven by your commerce initiative.

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