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Regnant Cloud Competency Center is a one-stop shop for your cloud needs. We have developed tools and capabilities that will make your systems cloud-ready without the need to use numerous third-party software products.


Cloud Orchestration Framework

Regnant Cloud Orchestrator is a multi-platform, multi-cloud application orchestration framework that enables a full-cycle, continuous solution delivery, reduces time to market, and improves quality. Built on top of cloud-related services, REGNANT Cloud Orchestrator allows managing the entire cloud infrastructure from a single point. The solution features:

Four Buttons Activity to create and manage your cloud deploymentA simple user interface of the administrative console provides an access to the Cloud Orchestrator’s functionality through four buttons: Activate, Setup, Run, and Stop.

Mobile Orchestrator allows you to access your cloud resources anytime, anywhere.Regnant Cloud Orchestrator is optimized to work with the most popular mobile platforms.

RESTful API enables to use the cloud orchestrator across different platforms and programming languages.

CLI enables managing the basic Regnant Cloud Orchestrator’s functions via the remote command line, without the need to install any third-party applications.

Internal Knowledge Base provides the valuable guidelines and helps you answer the cloud-related questions.

Hybrid Cloud/Federation Accelerators

Hybrid Cloud/Federation Accelerators is the automation toolset that facilitates integration of your cloud deployment with other private/public clouds, allowing the federated workloads to be managed in a single, well-orchestrated environment.

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