WebSphere Commerce and SAP Integration

Integration of WebSphere Commerce and SAP can be achieved in a WebSphere Commerce architecture based onsuch industry standards as Java technology, Extensible Markup Language (XML)and integration gateways, as well as emerging Web services.

The most common integration scenarios for WebSphere Commerce are based on the following technologies:
  • Java Connector Architecture (JCA)
  • WebSphere MQ
  • Web services

WebSphere Commerce and SAP R/3 JCA-based integration

IBM WebSphere Application Server provides installable run-time JCA support.The administrative console in Advanced Edition supports J2EE connector (JCA)resource adapter configuration. Support for CICS® and IMS is available, alongwith third-party implementations for SAP

The JCA interface by nature is synchronous communication. The application hasto wait for the reply from the other side of the communication. Thecommunication is point-to-point. There is no way to route the data to multipleapplications, only from WebSphere Commerce to SAP and vice-versa.

WebSphere Commerce & SAP R/3 MQ-based integration

WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries®) is the primary means ofmessage-oriented integration for WebSphere Commerce. You can configure theWebSphere Commerce messaging system to send and receive XML messagesthrough WebSphere MQ.When you use WebSphere MQ as the communication middleware, you haveseveral options to complete your integration solution with messagetransformation, message routing, and business process-level integrationfunctions.

We describe three different solutions based on WebSphere MQ messaging:

  • Point-to-point MQ integration
  • WebSphere MQ Integrator based (called WebSphere Business IntegrationMessage Broker)
  • WebSphereInterChange Server based.


RFC/BAPI Discovery Tool & Importer (Build Time)

The discovery tool is graphical user interface (GUI) driven and connects directlyto the SAP R/3 system. It extracts BAPI and RFC metadata from the SAP R/3. Business Object Repository. Then it imports the metadata directly into theWebSphere MQ Integrator Message Repository in the form of message sets.

XML Bridge for SAP R/3 (Run Time)

Inbound (to SAP R/3), the XML Bridge for SAP R/3 receives an XML (SimpleObject Access Protocol SOAP)) message through MQ, containing an RFC or BAPI instruction from WebSphere MQ Integrator. The bridge makes the corresponding native RFC or BAPI call into the SAP R/3 system. It processes the response from the SAP R/3 system. It converts it to an XML message and returns it to WebSphere MQ Integrator.Outbound (from SAP R/3), an SAP R/3 application sends a native RFC or BAPI call to the XML Bridge for SAP R/3. The bridge sends a corresponding XML(SOAP) message to WebSphere MQ Integrator in an MQ message. A response message is sent through MQ as XML (SOAP) back to the XML Bridge for R/3.The bridge translates this into a native SAP R/3 response. This response may be originated from within the WebSphere MQ Integrator broker itself or by transformation of a response from another EAI participant.The XML Bridge for SAP R/3 is a Java application that runs on any Java 2 platform run-time implementation.

WebSphere Commerce & SAP R/3 Web services-based integration

A Web service is an interface that describes a collection of operations that areaccessible through the network using standardized XML messaging. A Webservice is described using a standard, formal XML notation, called its servicedescription. The service description includes all the details necessary to interactwith the service, including message formats (that detail the operations), transportprotocols, and location. The interface hides the implementation details of theservice. This allows it to be used independently of the hardware or softwareplatform on which it is implemented and independently of the programminglanguage in which it is written.

Regnant with its niche technical expertise with WebSphere Commerce tightly coupled WebSphere Commerce and SAP.


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