WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy (WCBD)

WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy (WCBD) is the first tool aims to provide a standardized, ANTbased, build and deployment framework that is designed to satisfy most typical build and deployment needs, leaving only few configuration steps for a quick startup.

Configuring and running the build process
  • Set up repository structure
  • Copy WebSphere Commerce libraries to build system
  • Set up source extraction Ant script
  • Configure build settings
  • Run build process

Source extraction Ant script
  • Extracts files from a source code repository
  • Samples provided for

Build process
  • Samples provided for
  • Log file
  • Build success/failure e-mail sent if configured
  • Output

Deployment process
Configuring and running the server deployment process
  • Install server deployment package
  • Set up static Web server assets deployment Ant script
  • Set up WebSphere Commerce configuration file synchronization Ant script
  • Configure server deployment settings
  • Run server deployment process

Configure server deployment settings
  • Templates provided
  • Environment variables
  • Security sensitive properties
  • Deployment properties

Server deployment process
  • Database
  • WebSphere Commerce EAR file
  • WebSphere Application Server configuration files
  • wcbd-ant.bat -buildfile wcbd-deploy.xml -Dtarget.env=target-env
  • Log file
  • Deploy success/failure e-mail sent if configured

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