WebSphere Commerce Migration

Effective planning:

Team Regnant did extensive careful planning and preparation to ensure minimal impact on VSEA production website or business, since the process involves number of interdependent software products it can take considerable amount of time and requires specialized skills.

Effort: Regnant determined the migration effort keeping following key points focused.

  • Older the version greater the effort to migrate, and VSEA wanted migration from WebSphere Commerce 5.6 directly to the latest version 7.0
  • Identified changes in site architecture and configuration before and after migration.
  • Site customization level before and after migration.
  • Integration of additional software products..
  • Database size

Time: There are 3 major phases in a migration project.

  • Planning Phase
  • Test Migration Phase
  • Production Migration Phase

Careful planning and thorough testing were key factors ensuring successful and fast production migration.

Skills: Skilled and experience experts at Regnant worked together in closed collaboration to achieve goal.

  • Database administration skills: Helped migrating custom database extensions such as new tables and views.
  • WebSphere Commerce development skills: Migrated custom java code.
  • WebSphere Commerce administration skills: Helped to minimize impact to the production site.
  • OS installation, configuration and maintenance skills: Helped to install and configure WCS and other additional software products.

Migration Flow:

Team Regnant followed 3 major phases in migration project.

  • Inventory the WCS Site assets which included: Enterprise application archives, databases, custom code, database customization, WebSphere Commerce software, third party software and machines.
  • Itemized the requirements for the post migrated site: New requirements included, upgrading or adding hardware, using new functionality or replacing custom code with out-of-the-box functionality Site customization level before and after migration.
Plan the migration activities:
  • Installed all required software products.
  • Migrated and tested custom code in the migrated development environment.
  • Migrated database, application and web server.
  • Installed all required software products.

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