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Regnant WebSphere Portal Offering

Regnant WebSphere Portal with combination of other suite of IBM WebSphere products are providing businesses across the globe unified and personalized information and application to their customers, partners and globally dispersed employees thereby reducing the overall cost of delivering value-added services. Personalized content, views and dashboards, workflow and processes would substantially improve collaboration within the resources. We deliver a methodology driven approach to assist you in architecting, installing, configuring, and customizing WebSphere Portal based solutions.

Our well defined service packages are designed to give your business a WebSphere Portal foothold from which you can grow your WebSphere Portal environment. In addition, they are delivered by our Certified WebSphere professionals with real time & practical experience. Our service packages provide an ideal setting for developing real time “Proof-of-Concept” WebSphere enabled applications and the environment for quick technology transfer. The end output would be a functional WebSphere environment that can be used as the foundation for developing WebSphere throughout your enterprise business processes.


Regnant WebSphere Portal offering Overview:

Regnant WebSphere Portal program offering provides a packaged set of consulting services to implement any kind of WebSphere Portal environment. It is delivered by our Certified WebSphere consultants – all of whom have an extensively rich background in IBM WebSphere – to solve your unique problems. Combining with in-depth industry expertise with state of the art facilities, we are uniquely qualified to help you and your business easily and effectively implement your WebSphere Portal infrastructure. Our consultants are knowledgeable in all aspects of complex enterprise architectures, planning, installation, configuration, administration, tuning and performance, programming, integration and more.

  • Our quality expertise provides separate customized portal solutions for B2B, B2C and B2B2C needs of small, mid and large size companies
  • We go an extra mile to reduce coupling, flexible and powerful integration with enterprise applications.
  • Delivering a well defined set of operational services to provide your business with an operational WebSphere Portal footprint.
  • We focus majorly on knowledge transfer and mentoring to ensure your IT professionals have a fundamental understanding of WebSphere Portal.
  • Our Portal innovation group which keeps tab on the latest developments in market and technology which enable value to our esteemed customer.
  • Assess the overall impact of deploying a WebSphere Portal solution and leveraging existing environment to gain the maximum out of it.
  • Portal Execution model spawning geographies worldwide – US, Australia, UK, Netherlands, name a few.

Regnant WebSphere Portal adds business value to all levels:

CEO’s/Corporate Executives
  • Support company Strategies and Initiatives
  • Cost Avoidance/Reduction
  • Transaction costs
  • Generate Revenue
  • Soft and Hard ROI
  • Increase Customer loyalty and build relationship
  • Single Communication Vehicle (Across all levels)
  • Beat competition by gaining business advantages

  • Alignment of all IT investments
  • Internationalization
  • Accessible via Internet/Extranet/Intranet
  • Leverage Reuse and Investments
  • Single Sign On option
  • Faster development of IT solutions
  • Single Communication Vehicle (Across all levels)
  • Beat competition by gaining business advantages

End User/Customer
  • Single User Experience
  • Hides complexity of environment and makes it user friendly
  • Look outside “SILO” department
  • Collaboration in context
  • Self Service

Line of Business/Chain of products
  • A common delivery platform for the businesses application, content and process
  • Marketing and Branding tool
  • Role Based hierarchy
  • Connect geographically dispersed teams
  • Power to assemble new processes
  • Improving Business Productivity
  • Improving Customer Responsiveness
  • Additional value through single portal price

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